On Your Mark, Get Set

LaBar's creative process joins wheel-thrown porcelain elements into this unique and sculptural dynamic form. He begins with precision craft using traditional ceramic methods, confidently courting chance through carefully constructed arrangements in the kiln. Allowing the final stage of fire and heat to have decisive impact on the final outcome, the artist’s choices reveal the lesser understood but always present conditions of porcelain. Pyro-plastic transformation and tension allow material transformation in high heat. These transformations are captured in a suspended state of motion upon cooling, revealing the lyrical dance seen in “On Your Mark, Get Set,.” Clad in a mix a sky blue semi matte and light blue celadon glaze with white porcelain edges and spheres exposed, “On Your Mark, Get Set,” tests the materiality of porcelain as it bends, extends and connects to neighboring elements. Positioned in an uplifting stance, “On Your Mark, Get Set,” reaches towards the horizon, stretching forward, as it readies itself for the race ahead.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Thrown porcelain

Dimensions: 36.00*56.00*65.00cm

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