Inner light

Inner light is part of the long-term project entitled Shaped as porcelain, that explores the thin line between the real need for the use of cosmetics and one created by the industry. Skin care is not a new concern, but it gives continuity to a tradition that has been modified throughout history, maintaining, however, a close relationship with everything associated with the disappearance of what is considered imperfect. Thus, the pieces of this project want to give a space for reflection on what lies behind the beauty canons imposed by society, as well as their strategies and purposes.
The work is made up of 116 replicas of cosmetic containers. Each of them shows a perforated surface and has a red light bulb inside. When ambient light is minimal or absent, the translucency of the porcelain and various patterns drawn by the perforations can be appreciated. The structure that supports all elements represents the exact size to “cage” my body. A metaphor that relates to the excessive use of cosmetics and the effect they can have on the human body.
With this piece I would like to pay tribute to my father who passed away unexpectedly in 2020. About a year after his death, I was working on the electrical part of this piece and I felt a special connection with him, because he taught me how to solder with tin and gave me all the necessary tools and materials. I remembered his advice, his warnings and also that he taught me to believe in myself and to shine with my inner light, despite difficulties, obstacles or external influences.
Setup notes:The sculpture is ready to be plugged in to the electrical current, taking note of the bulbs and the international voltage standards. It could be exhibited without additional lighting, or indoors with natural light (near a window, for example) to observe how the light inside each piece increases in intensity when the ambient light decreases.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, lacquered aluminium and LED bulbs

Dimensions: 50.00*35,5*147.00cm

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