Secret Garden Descriptions

Secret Garden Descriptions: Our childhood is a time of vibrant colors, a time of innocence, and a time both sweet and beautiful. Every adolescent child has a secret garden in which they feel comfortable. What's your secret garden like? The air smells like a sweet fragrance of roses and there's a carousel with horses that you ride until you feel dizzy with joy. A dog is happily wagging its tail, the water is scented like peony blossoms and you can feel the soft grass under your fingertips while you open the storybook filled to the brim with hero-rescuing-the-damsel-in-distress and happy-ever-after stories… The carousel of horses chase after each other for eternity, the distance between them always the same, not closer, but not farther away either. Unchanging. Forever protecting the balance and rhythm of life but as time flies by, our secret garden gradually turns into an untouchable memory. The main attraction of this artwork is a young girl slightly closing her eyes, pairing with the inspiring power of the carousel. Made with one hundred percent Chinese white ceramic, this artwork protects the purity and cleanliness of the white color. The childhood innocence that we cherish so much matches with the immaculate and untainted nature of the white ceramic. The carousel of horses chases after each other for eternity, creating a peaceful atmosphere in which the audience could reminisce the joyful times they had in their secret garden.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Dehua white ceramic

Dimensions: 25.00*15.00*47.00cm

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