My work is a series of modular objects that can be arranged by the user as a kind of construction game. I like that the person displaying it should be included in the creative process. The pieces are to be displayed on a table, near eye level, as motionless walking creatures surrounded by little otherworldly treasures. I wanted to create something that seemed to be made on 3D modeling software.
Everything is made of porcelain, fired from 1240°C to 1280°C. The colored pieces are either dyed or covered with engobes. The white core pieces are wheel thrown and everything else is modeled by hand.
There are nine core pieces, fifteen legs, fifteen baby diamonds, fifteen long leaves and two antennas, seven baby balls and twenty-one other accessories.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, engobe, glaze, luster

Dimensions: 150.00*100.00*60.00cm

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