The artwork Journey was created in December 2021 and it refers to an important phase of my life — the beginning of something that actually started a long time ago.
During my studies in the field of ceramics I have spent two years abroad, in a search of accumulating a broad palette of knowledge and experience in this field. Right after I finished my studies, I decided to start a new life away from home in Romania, and live with my wife in Germany. It has been three years since the move and I feel it’s been quite challenging. Thoughts, dreams and hopes have been mixed together in a concentrated vortex. An adventurous, continuous search and exploration in order to find my way in life.
Despite difficulties, I have never let go of the thought that I could once again be active in the field of arts and ceramics, which actually happened this year.
In this context, I would like to mark this year as the beginning of a new chapter in the book that is my journey with ceramics. My passion is to work with ceramics and use it as a tool of artistic expression.
Throughout the creation of this artwork, I wanted to emphasize my view and perception about the dynamics of life, specifically the constant movement of individuals, as well as the process of self development in the current social context.
At the same time, I consider it important to reflect about life and our actions in order to achieve life goals. I perceive life as a dynamic journey with ups and downs that requires persistence to make the best of it.
The artwork consists of six square facets, rich in detail, that form the shape of a cube. The cube can be perceived as a symbol of stability and perfection. A semi-relief pattern covers and crosses the surfaces freely, communicating without interruption from one surface to another, as we also overcome obstacles. Due to its curved shape, I associate it with a flowing river, which for me symbolizes the flow of time, a parallel concept that regards the journey of life.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: White and black porcelain,Wood

Dimensions: 36.00*36.00*44.00cm

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