High temperature porcelain stone

The artworks are carved directly on porcelain stone, and then fired at high temperature. The significance of this is as follows: First, the artist wants to determine whether it can be called porcelain should porcelain stone is fired directly at high temperature; second, whether it is applicable to use the method of stone carving on making ceramics. From the firing results, we can tell four points: First, the glaze can directly adhere to the surface of the porcelain stone, but there is a contraction; second, there is no explosion, but crack occurs directly from where there is crack already before the firing procedure; third, the color of the porcelain stone becomes gray after firing; fourth, there is slight shrinking after firing which makes it easy for complex shapes.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: High temperature porcelain stone

Dimensions: 35.00*20.00*25.00cm Diameter:25.00cm

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