Metamorphosis (from the Greek, metabole, change, transmutation) – is in fact the process of metamorphosis of insects, which transit from one world to another, and is the life that allows the combination of these two worlds.
Cocoons, meanwhile are a metaphor of the transformation process of life and beings. For the artist, these cocoons are part of her reverie, her stories and imaginary worlds and, at the same time, they are objects that reflect her creative process.
Porcelain, manipulated by the artist based on her imagination, subjected to the action of heat, materializes the act that transcends reality, transforming it in every sense. It transmutes its creator and its surroundings.
The cocoons were also where the artist’s imagination lived during the creation process. It was a safe haven, where the artist could take risks and launch herself into metamorphosis, building the possibility of materializing that which can be imagined.
The ceramic process offers us, literally, a safe haven for the necessary transformations to take place. It's something unique. A communion with matter that, when transforming it, we feel transformed – after all, we are all a single being, coming from the same luminous matter, a transcendental unity.
Metamorfosis [Metamorphosis] is a set made up of seven translucent porcelain objects, molded into shape with paper fiber, string and fabric, and application of authorial?? enamels and fiberglass fired in an electric oven at 1240 ºC.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Liquid Porcelain

Dimensions: 80.00*60.00*cm|16.00*15.00*15.00cm|10.00*10.00*11.00cm|13.00*14.00*11.00cm|16.00*15.00*15.00cm|14.00*14.00*15.00cm|15.00*12.00*14.00cm

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