surge 「Third Prize」

What is life? This work is my answer to that question. I think it is a membrane alternate between contractions and relaxations, and life phenomenon is great surge caused by those interaction. I attract by porcelain cray that have fine particles and elastic and glossy beauty after firing , therefore, I create my work. I use the hand-building technique - touch the clay most directly for making. As I touch the porcelain cray and make shapes by the correspondence between the cray and myself, I thought that the shape made from the curve of my finger might be a part of me has separated from my body. And this part of my body, through reduction firing at 1250 °C metamorphose into like a living thing. Exploring the shape with the material is also a journey of contemplation. Thinking becomes clearer by touching the material, and deeper with the shape that is born. I hope that I express suppleness and dynamism through my work.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 70.00*60.00*70.00cm

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