By gathering things that include disjointed memories and meanings, we can discover new values and interpretations, and visualize the process of building ideas from different perspectives. The most important aspects of this piece are the slight differences among the impressions, and the gathering of those nuances. This is represented by the accumulation of the silhouettes of the black flowers in contrast to the white and glossy glazed board. The iron boxes aim to clarify the individuality of the flowers. Welding to combine iron boxes suggests the possibility of going beyond the conventional wisdom of ceramic work in overall size and form. Process 1: Apply mud on the living flowers, dry and fire them. 2: Apply black pigment or soil on top and fire them. 3: Pour white glaze onto the unglazed ceramic boards, and put the black flowers that have passed through ② on the board. Fire to fuse. 4: Make an iron box fit to the size of the ceramic board, and mount the ceramic board in the iron box with bolts. 5: Weld the iron boxes together to assemble into one object.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Ceramics, iron

Dimensions: 28.00*28.00*98.50cm

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