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Rationality is now the symbol of contemporary society. Residential buildings and commercial spaces are square and neat. Our roads and traffic lights are uniform — neat and accurately planned. Even our household items and commodities are constant in shape and design — from our smartphones and wallets to our tissue boxes.
Minimalist,rational design aesthetics have become mainstream, moving from the design of our cities to inside our homes. This rational approach to design is in sharp contrast with all of the anxieties and emotions that come with modern life. People who live in tall buildings, who walk amongst the crowded streets, and who use the same uniform technology as those who surround them feel a sense of loneliness, and the burden of daily life, which come from the high expectations that are tied to modern living
The artist hopes to express the feeling of contradiction in an abstract way. The rationality and preciseness of the manufacturing process of ceramic materials is countered by the firing process, with each result being uncertain.
Ceramic artists work towards breaking the limitations of nature. The process itself is full of contradictions, from the rational to the unexpected, giving full play to its fragile ceramic materials. The work is composed of thin lines, with a width of less than 1mm.
The rationality of the process, combined with the variables that come with the firing process, symbolizes the contradictions of modern life. The fine, thin lines of the work symbolizing the emotions of modern people are both sensitive and tough.
Each aspect ties together to create this artwork, a balance of the fragile and the stalwart, the rational and the artistic, to recreate the feelings of modern life — each aspect in perfect balance with each other.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: ceramic

Dimensions: 27.5*24.5*34.5cm

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