Possible Fragments

Possible Fragments 2021 is an installation piece consisting of 12 assembled forms organized on white painted wooden shelves. These are attached to the wall in a staggered formation using chrome clamps. The work is in slipcast porcelain and I have developed a method whereby I create fragment-like shards by only partially filling the open molds. Then tilting these from side to side during casting, I create fluid fragmented forms with the liquid slips. Each element of Possible Fragments consists of two fragment-like forms leaning into, or hooked onto one another. The shards are drawn from a variety of molds representing familiar everyday objects; a cylinder, bottle, cup, flask, jug, handle. Some of these couples are the result of two successive casts from the same mold, while others are pairs drawn from two different ones. Some edges are cut in places to get a better fit and other surfaces are decorated with a platinum luster band, which reference traditional porcelain while visually binding the pairs together even more. These shards that we perceive as incomplete or fragmented are pieced together and delicately organized like artifacts. They portray a simple vocabulary; two basic slip-cast shapes leaning together in an almost natural way. The spectator mentally, consciously or subconsciously, tries to reconstruct what would have been the original form of these objects. In some respects they are like remains that move beyond their original unfragmented state, evolving into something new, attaining a whole new aesthetic. The sculptures provoke a certain discomfort linked to the impossibility of re-thinking the object as something complete. My explorations in past years, in both slip casting and installation, have driven my work forward as well as linking up with themes like loss, reconciliation, and the beauty of imperfection.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain, Wood

Dimensions: 97.00*16.00*72.00cm

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