Inspired by objects and media typically associated with craft practices and domestic work (floral wallpaper, patchwork quilts and Persian rugs), I have turned to the creation of patterns and colors as a way to access and express an illimitable evolution of personal narrative.
Working with pigmented porcelain is a fascinating experience, it has allowed me to embrace with renewed color, the eclectic and the ornamental in my recent sculptural pieces.
The object, vase, decomposes creating an extension of itself through the passage of white and candid porcelain together with the repetition of contrasting colors and infinite patterns, creating a sort of excessive, unlimited and flowing forest.
Creating this piece was a magical process that required a lot of time, skill and joy. I have used an ancient technique in contemporary key: the construction of motifs made up of fragments of colored body porcelain, which gave me the possibility of infinitely repeating varied and daring compositions. Each leaf, each fragment was positioned one by one with great precision. I waited a long time for its slow drying, accurate finishing and prolonged two firings.
The INFINITIVE NATURE piece is the result of the transformation and technical perfection of a style that intertwines haute couture, eclectic historicism and personal and cultural experience.
I could continue my construction endlessly, without limits, just as human nature has no limits of creativity, as well as animal and plant nature has no limits in its evolution. I hope that my work is a "declaration" that can tell a story, provoke emotions, convey a feeling of sharing, conversations and a feeling of positive innovation.
We are in the era where humanity woke up to protect the planet, luckily for us, nature has no boundaries and despite all the difficulties it seeks all the ways to strengthen itself and to resurface.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain and stains

Dimensions: 30.00*32.00*61.00cm

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