End, Begin 「Second Prize」

From the exploration of the rather limited memories in my personal history, the notion of femininity has always been connected with the most delicate places in life. My mother, as a typical among many women in this society, shoulders the triple burden of childcare, housework and full-time job. Their hands have never been freed from clothing, wipes, and mostly any other soft fabrics. They are always mopping, washing and wiping no matter how late they get off work. Wrinkles write fatigue on their face, however, they seems to never give up yearning for romance and fantasy towards life... In this piece of work, I combined fabric texture with the time-frozen nature of ceramics. The woven cake blurred the boundary of reality and fantasy, and the fired ceramics capture a moment in time. The women figures almost drowning in the giant cakes implies endless time shuttling around dinning space, willingly or unwillingly. The dessert station was all glazed white, but in different tones, in order to offer viewers a space to think, or to evoke the possibly distant memories of their own experience.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Glazed Stoneware, Aluminum, Silk, Wooden table,plastic figure


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