fade out

As a sculptor, I am concerned with the element water and its uniqueness as a habitat for animals and plants. I am fascinated by the survival strategies that different animals (especially microorganisms and unicellular organisms) have developed in the course of evolution, and the benefits that humans derive from them. But also what problems arise from human interaction with nature.
On the one hand, humans constantly draw new insights from nature, which they make use of for themselves (e.g. by means of bionics, which is based on the assumption that animate nature develops optimized structures and processes through evolution, e.g. the lotus effect, shark skin, etc.), but on the other hand, humans also destroy precisely these, clearly seen by the plastic polluting our oceans.
Not only do the shapes, colors and complex life forms serve as a source of inspiration for me, but also the meditative silence and enormous power of water, which I want to make tangible through my sculptures.
In the series Fade Out I thematize the change of one of the most sensitive habitats in the sea, the coral reef. I approach this destructive process with the questions: How do species evolve? How do evolutionary processes create new species that can withstand the process of coral bleaching? How do they mutate or fuse to win the struggle for survival?
Creatures made of polymeric structures emerge, crawling, wafting or lying down, fighting for their place in the evolutionary structure in order to exist.
In this group of works, the material porcelain ideally symbolizes the world of coral, because it has always been a valuable, noble material that is also very sensitive and fragile. I make use of these qualities when I create delicate and sensual objects from it that take the viewer into the equally delicate and sensitive world of coral.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 26.00*22.00*8.00cm

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