Swirl is a one-off piece, very light and fragile, made in white royal porcelain, unglazed. This organic shape looks like a small pile of faded flower petals that have been blown by the wind, waiting for another swirl to move them again.
My photography and ceramic works are intrinsically linked and grow from each other. Photography and objects inspire each other, yet retain separate identities.
I use porcelain, either black or white, and have developed my own techniques of extrusion and compression. Volutes and corollas are created by the movement of clay, which is forced to go through a small space between two dies. It is like seeing the birth of a living organism, growing and developing in accelerated motion before my eyes. I convert fluid and subtle movement, to something stone hard and brittle. Life appears suddenly suspended, or time stopped.
Through the lens of my camera, I magnify details, play with light and perspective, erase context and create mystery.
Delicate and complex, in between light and shadow, the ceramic looks ready to move again. It emphasizes a moment of the past, forever gone and not being able to be exactly reproduced, and yet it is in front of our eyes in the present, as if still alive. The frontier between past and present, life and death, is blurred, inducing a feeling of nostalgia.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 17*7*5cm

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait