Every ceramic product goes through a long process from the plastic formable material to the hard and rigid body. The shape of an object is always determined and influenced by the designer and the material properties, until it reaches its final shape. There are always moments when the material, and especially porcelain, is less predictable, such as during drying or during the firing in the kiln. During these processes, the material deforms without me creating this movement with my hands. These internal material processes have a lot of potential in terms of shaping and it is precisely that which fascinates me.
In this work I deal with the inherent dynamics of porcelain, which take place during the firing and under the influence of 1290 °C. The deformations during the firing should not be minimized and reduced, but on the contrary should be promoted and reinforced. I am interested in how the essential work stage of firing can flow more consciously into the development of an object.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Ming Porcelain

Dimensions: 30*30*20cm

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