The different formal manifestations of objects is merely appearance. In a philosophical sense, they are all the same. This eternally paradoxical formal transformation of self-similarity is present in every single artwork of mine.
The basic fractal elements of my VIMANA 1 porcelain objects is the hexagon. Its constructing principle is the repetition and iterations of this element, adapted to different spatial directions, resulting in a complex, non-linear sculptural system.
The resulting object is a sculptural representation of the graphic image of wave motions and their interferences. Its structure simulates the phenomenon called destructive interference: two waves in phase-opposition cancelling each other out. The intrinsic stresses are offset during firing, the graph of the wave smoothens, while the plastic values intensify and deformations occur. The pattern created by the shifting of the wave crests and troughs creates an image of wandering energy frozen into the material.
I have been trying to inspire the material to immortalize its own movement in its final transformation in the fire. The dynamics built into form become properly visible, when the material transubstantiates in its vibrating final dance, creating a new quality in its agony. That is the reason why my objects are fired slightly above the officially recognized temperature.
© Zsuzsa Füzesi 2019

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 36.00*43.00*48.00cm

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