golden rock, organic #3

Karima Duchamp uses cut-out, fragmented slabs of clay that are erected in volume like crumpled origami sheets. The sculptures seem crystallized and are like the artifacts or fossils of a story, witnessing a moment and calling for nostalgia. Prematurely aged surfaces, these structures remain open in the upper part and leave the possibility to explore their interior. The surfaces are whitewashed with engobe, and as with lime, the reliefs are thus revealed. On the outer surfaces, the engobe's blue, white and black offer a dullness that contrasts with the use of gold. It is the thread of the story. The motifs are spread on the surfaces and come to embrace the anatomy of the sculpture, remodeling and magnifying it. Golden lines are lines of tension that allow the form to not be defragmented, while the gold vein infuses a presence.

Year of Creation: 2020

Materials: porcelain, engobes, lusters

Dimensions: 47.00*25.00*33.00cm

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