Golden locust

The swarming locusts are like dense aggressive crowds, with eyes full of desire. The work is placed on flannelette to create a high-low drop booth. Individual locusts are made of thin eggshell ceramics. The swarm gathers towards the highest point, and the upward climb is crowded and intense. Locusts climbing to the vertex are covered in gold plating. Under the flannelette, is a audio device piled up with ceramic insect eggs The sound from the audio devices gradually rises as the locust crowds to present growing desire, and there is whispering mixed in the sound to express the inner restlessness in the heart. An elongated locust appears deformed in a projection of light, expressing the implication of the inner state of people chasing desires in today's society.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: eggshell porcelain

Dimensions: 200*200*80cm

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