Another less obvious

An Other, Less obvious is a ceramic installation composed using several urns and glazed porcelain plates. The tops of the urns are sealed, with the lids being part of the form. The aim is to soften the contours of the traditional form, to create uncertainty about the definition of the object, its use and relation to color. The contours of the objects disappear into the white background of the exhibition space, leaving only the outline of a landscape (an escape).
Marion Bocquet-Appel refers to the aesthetics of SFUMATO, used by Italian Renaissance painters and theorized by Leonardo da Vinci.
The artist Marion Bocquet-Appel builds a bridge between Chinese and European art. Her stay in China has led her to become interested in different types of vases, as well as playing with the interpretation of their traditional roles. In her work, cultural and craft heritage was studied, revisited and finally diverted. This installation was created in Dehua during the Blanc de Chine residency and was completed in the artist's studio in France in 2021.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelaine biscuit and porcelaine glazed

Dimensions: 60cmx75cm

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