Thirty-six used respirator

This is a ceramic installation work expressing the artist's thoughts as a witness of the COVID-19 pandemic, through 36 used masks and philosophical writing. The work incorporates fired clay masks used during the Quarantine period. The white masks present the visual cleanliness, the psychological horror, the fragility of lives, and the respect for medical work, through conceptual expression of ceramic materials. The duplication of the physical object directly shows the real side of the COVID-19 pandemic to the audience. In this context, ceramics work is no longer just a technology and craft, but more of a spiritual guidance. The ceramic not only reflects the moment of time, but also reflects the fragility of lives. Through the resetting of objects, it expresses the spirit of materiality and reflects on the relationship between people and the world, the universe, and the philosophy of life.

Year of Creation: 2021

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 25.00*15.00*5.00cm

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