# who is gonna miss me

# who is gonna miss me - handmade porcelain object
The problems of our environment, especially climate change, is one of the important topics in my work.
About 140 million years ago there was a Jurassic Sea in the area I live in. The sea dried out and coral reefs died, but however, life went on in some other areas.
Now, something similar is happening in Southeast Asia and off the east coast of Australia, especially with the great Barrier Reef. The coral reefs are dying because the Zooxanthellae algae is producing toxins when the water heats up, which coral cannot utilize. The result is coral bleaching.
Global warming should make us act, think and reflect — but not cause us to give up and lead to resignation. As a ceramic artist and a critical observer of our world, I want my work to show that socially responsible climate protection should be a daily topic, which everyone should consider.
I firmly believe that there is no end point in the development of this world. When the coral dies in one place, it will either mutate or settle somewhere else. This is the course of development.
For me as a ceramic artist I want to translate this process of ongoing development somewhere in the world artistically. My approach, both from a philosophical and design aspect, is of creating forms with the following intention: Where do the creatures of the reef come from? Where do they go? How can they survive or mutate?

Year of Creation: 2020

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 24*21*10cm

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait