Exploring the expectation of life

I don’t think any other material has such a natural relationship with humans as the clay used in art. For me, ceramic is the way to express my thoughts, relax my mind, and show the truth from a different perspective. I combine my ceramic works with clothes, which allows me to have a different texture on my creations. I merge clay slip with sacking, which gives a unique surface. The distressed cloth texture is expressed by exploring the emotional factor of our world today, such as racism, third-world country oppression, and feminism. I am always curious about human beings and fascinated by the infinite possibilities of conflict and diversity within humanity — and try to capture the emotion of people around me. Time, health, hope, dreams, joy, these things cannot be bought, however, in this work I try to show not only a fragile object which represents the sad conditions of people’s lives, but also various color effects which represent hopes, dreams, joy, and peace.

Year of Creation: 2020

Materials: clay slip (porcelain) with fabric

Dimensions: 30.00*13.00*21.00cm

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