This work Crack is based on the artist's own portrait and fired with white china clay. It is inspired by the fragmented composition of digital images. The special effects of modern digital technology have been incorporated into ceramic production. The hair rising from the face slowly shattered until it broke into fine gravel, while the traditional cracking effect is made by smearing glass water on stoneware or relatively coarse-grained soil, then squeezing and baking with external force. However, this effect cannot be achieved for delicate white porcelain sculptures. The formula of this process makes the white porcelain produce natural cracks when fired, and the size and trend of the cracks can be adjusted at will. Time is passing, and people are moving towards the future every day. Yesterday is an unreachable past, just like the broken soil that turns into dust.

Year of Creation: 2020

Materials: Extra white clay, Bone China Clay

Dimensions: 27.00*11.00*22.00cm

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait