In today's highly developed science and technology, the communication between people is increasingly reduced, more tend to the frequent contact between people and machines, the distance between the mind can not withstand the test of reality and has been gradually stretched, resulting in the relationship between people increasingly cold. Monologue series is the reflection of this scene, with the purity, simple and elegant characteristics of ceramics, to wake up the inner monologue of everyone. The combination of molds and molds is used to appeal to the suppressed emotional elements in the heart with a rational approach, which contains the unspeakable emotional appeal of people swimming in the state of the world. In the form of a "cry", it meets the stirriness in the deep heart. Among them, covering affection, love and friendship, from multiple dimensions to reveal the complexity of emotion. Over time and space, these emotions evolve, and in the end what holds this emotional network together is the pure, authentic monologue that belongs to everyone!

Year of Creation: 2020

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 120*40*25cm Diameter:10cm

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