Reconstruction 6

Reconstruction 6 is an outcome of modernization. In other words, it was begun by recognizing huge factories, containing mass machinery, as artwork in Ulsan, Korea. The city is an industrial zone made up of many factories, including those for manufacturing cars, ships and petrochemicals. The mechanical visual artwork created by factory structures are far from artistic beauty. However a repetitive array of vertical and horizontal pipe-lines, and other metal patterns can present new spaces seen as a blend of time, history and high technology modernity. However, this viewpoint is only seen by the artist, as factories are facilities of little interest to modern people and have become the main culprits of air pollution. To an artist though, any object could be aesthetic a change in perspective. This artwork tries to induce audiences to be interested in factory structures using artless shapes and features. The factory structures are composed of common ready-made objects and appears in a subjective form utilizing symbolism. So, by using ordinary objects, contemporary structures are composed and made. The outcome is individual acts and the production of such a pottery art-piece is to remind audiences to become aware of factories.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: ceramic

Dimensions: 40.00*42.00cm 直径:40.00cm

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