from the Genealogy series 2

The Genealogy series is about mixing and combining different DNA and different cultural and aesthetic codes. It is also meant to be a dialogue with my ancestors, an attempt to create a bridge over 200 years that divided us.Last autumn I learnt that my fifth great grand-father Joseph Probst came to Warsaw from Germany to work with the royal plasterers team and soon became one of the most recognized plasterer of his time. His son Joseph/Józef, also a plasterer, a couple of months before his death in the age of 33, at theWarsaw Fine Arts Exhibition (1825) received a prize forhis "capital of a composite order". Jury appreciated"the beauty and precision of the form, the pure style and the accuracy of the finish".

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: porcelain & parian ware

Dimensions: 100cm*30cm*15-30cm

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