The Tough

The work is inspired by childhood memories. My mother is a horticulturist. So I grew up with plants. The huge natural nursery on the side of my grandfather’s house is my paradise. At that time, I know a kind of technique that the deadwood is used as a pile in the bonsai to make the deadwood restore vitality.
After my graduate schooling, I set up my first studio in a mountain. During the period, I collected a lot of good-looking deadwood around the studio. The memory of my childhood gradually emerges in my eyes and the inspiration for creation gradually became clear. After the experiment, I used Dehua high white porcelain clay to make the part with the similar structure, and it spreads just like the dead branch regenerates. It turns over a new leaf like an appreciated stone, giving the deadwood a stone-like and tougher natural vitality.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: White porcelain

Dimensions: 7.5*8.5*31.5cm

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