Wave On Wave 「Second Prize」

My Artist journey through the porcelain’s field comes from the joining of two of my academic studies: Photography and Sculpture.
With my works I want to tell, to evoke, situations, moments, stories.
Photography is an excellent way to make it, thanks to serigraphy I can directly print on raw porcelain, model it and give a 3-D body to my imagines.
Photography is a not a decoration but the protagonist that determines the form.
My works are made by many pieces.
I print, cut and reassemble, like the pieces could be the frames of short film, or the punctuation of a phrase.
My works must be looked either from outside than from inside, they are printed in both sides.
By holding the “ Vase” and observing the inside is possible to read a tale, like in a “silence Book”, the imagines tell the story.
The pictures come one after another one they are linked (bound) one to each other either by an associative or a contrast combination.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 33*32*31cm

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait