Ceramic Dolls

The body of the ceramic doll is composed of dozens of joints. The shape is complex and the volume is small. It is hollow and casted, warm like jade; the color is transparent and bright; has characteristics of auspicious, elegant and distinguished. Each of joints has a special colorprotecting agent, and it can move freely like a real person due to a single joint and a double joint. It can stand due to the careful design by mechanics experts and precision casting experts, and is obtained the 2011 China National Patent. The hollow head shell, trunk, arms, forearms, palms, thighs, shanks and feet are separated; the trunk is composed of a separated chest and abdomen; the chest and the neck are integrally connected. The spherical structure line of the thighs is vertically aligned with the feet, and the sole of the feet can be adjusted
to perform various actions.
The production of the entire artwork is subject to factors such as clay quality, oxidation reaction, decomposition reaction, environmental humidity, variation rate of humidity, temperature difference inside and outside the furnace, moisture control, water absorption, consistency of the joint shrinkage ratio, and the depth of the hole. To present the work perfectly, it requires extremely rigorous and rational thinking and repeated experimentation. Therefore, the completion of the finished product is a unique item, which is non-reproducible. Although the whole process is difficult, it revels in it. The process is indispensable for an artwork. The artwork, because of the unique soul created by the artist, shows its distinctiveness and speciality.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 42cm

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