Still lifes

Porcelain, underglaze, underglaze pencil, real roses (cone 10 reduction)While flowers and plants have a limited lifespan, ceramic vessels from Japan’s Jōmon period and the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an have withstood millennia. I am interested in the contrast between the transience of nature and the relative stability of fired ceramics, in beauty that can be both ephemeral and enduring. Working at the intersection of the natural and the constructed, I integrate real flowers with ceramic materials. My installations, which thus incorporate actual, lived time and elements of decay, allude to memento mori and seek to create an awareness of the fleeting nature of our existence in contrast to the persistence of porcelain.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain, underglaze, underglaze pencil, real white roses

Dimensions: 36*36*3cm

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