Water 「Third Prize」

The work shows two kinds of sprays by eggshell porcelain technology, in which one is aroused by turbulence, the other is rippling in quiet. The spray in turbulence is full of power and beautiful rhythm, while the spray in quiet is implicit and full.
The observation and experiment of water is my main research direction in recent years. Water is an important carrier of Oriental culture, of which softness and rigidity, quietness and motility contain profound philosophy of life. Water is also an important element to create artistic conception and momentum in Oriental aesthetics. Only with water, everything has spirituality.
The mud made from Dehua high-white porcelain clay is used in production technology and materials. The basic model is made by using the high viscosity and smooth degree of mud on silicone mold under the action of gravity. After that, the edge whiskers are manually drained out when the water splashes. Before firing, it is guided at a certain angle. As Dehua high-white porcelain clay is easy to soften at high temperature, different kiln temperatures make it form a second shape, making the changes of the work more natural.
Shaping invisible water with eggshell porcelains in the physical changes is to set the beauty of water and explore the philosophical significance of water.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Dehua white porcelain

Dimensions: 30*33*26、33*24*27、43*21*28、35*29*29cm

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