This object is a ceramic-made work which refers to the ready-made ideas from Duchamp, but not examined the extended concept of art in their meaning, so in a reverse contextualization. The commodity charakter arises here by its shape, which is
reminiscent of a standardized product of a mass-produced goods. Like a sanitary facility, the observer feels familiar and anticipates the handling of the apparatus. Through its extended ergonomics, the seat shell examines a morphological language of design and concepts that predetermine the properties of the users body. Be it in the sexual constitution or in the pure body mass index, cultural ideals can be read from the performative processes that we find in everyday things. The question of the concept of ideal images deals with a sensitive topic about the vital claim in social premises. As in the public sphere, there is also in the domestic, as dictated by user-friendly equipment and furniture that educate the so called civilized man. It touches private areas of the body and opens up sense of shame. In it, the individual finds a draft about his own identity. As a product of its environment, man designs and constructs, among other things, his needs, his social status and his attitude towards the world.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: 40*40*60cm

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