Supreme Simplicity

The aim of the work is to convey the Chinese spirit of “elegance” by ceramic materials, which was inspired by the position business method of the traditional Chinese fan and the gardening technique of borrowing scenery by opening windows in traditional Chinese gardens. The large ball-shape made of Liling highquality white porcelain is used to highlight the small-sized abstract shape made
of Chinese white mud, conveying the elegant harmony of yin and yang.
In terms of styling, the collisions of different visual effects by the large-area geometric shapes and smallarea multi-dimensional textures, can highlight peculiarity in the ordinary things, making the work delightful to watch both from distance and up close, and varying the subtleties.
Regarding the making process, it was formed by various methods, such as throwing, scraping and rubbing, to make the texture effect more abundant, and after firing under the high temperature of 1380 degrees, it was finished with the highlighted China “white”.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: Kaolin clay

Dimensions: 28*10*5

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