New Stones 2018 (NO.3) 「Second Prize」

Creation is conducted according to the stone shape in the artwork to
explore the new context of returning to the oriental culture on the
conversion of ceramic language, and porcelain “ware” and stone “image” generate a strong comparison. New culture and adherence, contemporary and tradition are symbiotic in the artwork! Neolithic material is the roadside stone which is not found intentionally, without drafts. Before creation, time is left to “talk with” stones, and the “spirit” that is overlooked by us usually can be found at the time of looking at it. Then, I directly use china clay for molding on the stone to let the subconscious parts do its best, and line, plane and body freely increase and decrease, which is easy. In terms of the Neolithic, I write like this: it is the memory that gives life its thickness, and the thickness that gives life its weight; because of the ancient times, we are exploring, and what we constantly explore is to ask the meaning of life; roadside stone, I do not know which one Nuwa used to fill the sky; stones under the feet, I do not know which one Jingwei used for fill the sea; our ancestors once met with the nowadays stones which experiences an abyss of suffering and time bringing a great changes to the world;
facing the ancient times, we have no words, but shadow…..”

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: Ceramics

Dimensions: 74*10*43cm

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