Fragile· the Illusion of a Cloud

The Artwork is represented in the form of installation, and composed of more than 70 round thin plates of bone and porcelain to create the visual effect of white cloud floating in a apparent space. From the positive
perspective, the artwork is the floating beautiful cloud. However, when viewers look from the side of the artwork to find that it is actually formed bya single shape of thin pieces of porcelain and a dense and disorderly string of thin wires. I hope to express Internet times nowadays through these overlapped foam tiles and a jumble of thin transparent lines. People are
infatuated with the virtual network world, surrounded by a large number of miscellaneous information, which easily makes people get the illusion of life. In the virtual information network, people seem to have obtained
freedom and happiness. However, it is an illusion, and real inner heart maybe lonely and closed, just like the porcelain cloud of thin tiles, beautiful and graceful. But in essence, it is just a thin and fragile illusion enclosed in an imperceptible transparent space.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Bone china, transparent thread and transparent acrylic

Dimensions: 120*40*70

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait