New Porcelain Plan B

The work of new porcelain plan series is a materialization of my art
creation in 2019. The work continues to develop my thought and insight for natural vitality of soil materials. Different natural creation shows unique
individuality in the generality of the universe like humans, waiting for the capture and expression of artists in daily life. In the new porcelain plan, I put the hand-made clay pieces in the glassware from the perspective of aesthetic art and make diversified porcelain level change of original
modeling lines more graceful by reflection of transparent light source. The shadow of porcelain body can be seen by reflection of glass. It may be the good side and also may be the broken side. Just like our lives, it is also necessary to make self-reflection frequently to eliminate Yuen Kam andfind true and pure soul. In addition, as a common representative symbol in the field of medicine and chemistry, glass tube container has the meaning of preciseness and research character. As the crystallization of science and art, ceramic language also needs such rigorous research and
innovation spirit. Therefore, it is hoped to convey a speculative philosophy and serious life outlook to viewers at the same time of expanding diverse artistic expression of ceramic materials.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Ceramics, glass and wood

Dimensions: 35*6*20

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