Series II and III of Stone Phase

In a clay recycling process, I picked up a piece of broken clay and found that its naturally cracked texture resembles the naturally weathered rock surface, but it is richer than the rock texture. Its sharp edges and irregular
shape are like fractured rock formation, rough, generous and exquisite. All of a sudden, this unadorned primitive beauty and the beauty ofappreciated stones, which I have been paying close attention to for a long time, collide violently in my mind. Are these two different aesthetic forms possible to appear in one thing? So, I couldn't wait to make my first
attempt. In the series of , I changed the artistic form of the previous series of Shi Jing. I combined the changes of holes and spaces in appreciated stones with the texture and form formed by the natural cracking of clay, trying to focus on the performance of clay, collision of forms, contingency and control, nature and carving, as well as many uncertain factors in the creation process. The creation process became more interesting and
exploratory due to the increase of uncontrollable factors.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: High White Porcelain

Dimensions: 34*18*20

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