High Mountain and Long River in Chinese ware series

The original intention of the crafter is that “the mountains and rivers are in our mind and pleasure is found in them" and "the oriental landscapes
reappear on the white porcelain and let the landscapes in our mind". This series of artworks embodies the tribute to the Chinese landscape, absorbs and takes example by the shape and charm of the traditional pottery with white porcelain clay and glaze as the main creation media, and is fired with the technique of American RAKU firing. It is an artistic creation focusing on the fusion of Chinese and Western culture. The artwork reflects a strong sense of exploration and is very experimental. It shows the integration and innovation of the craftsmanship of modern ceramic art. It describes the
natural history, mountain and river biography with glaze instead of ink. It shows the pursuit for communication with mountains and rivers, crossing
of time and space, and resonating between the crafter and others. The
artwork achieves the breakthrough of the glaze color in RAKU firing, which makes the traditional ceramic material show its characteristics with
different production methods and different material resets, and finally
realize the fusion of water and ink through baptism of white porcelain in smoke and fire.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: Porcelain clay, RAKU fired

Dimensions: 33*33*40

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