Buddhahood with Little

In the eyes of ordinary people, "Buddhahood" is a distant dream. Many people have worked hard for this belief. However, I firmly believe that
Buddha is ordinary, and without ordinary, neither can we obtain it nor can we achieve it. If people can be kind to everyone or every little thing around them, pay attention to every little thing around them, devote themselves to goodness, and if we want to become Buddhas, we should learn about
Buddhas and do like Buddhas. It needs every ounce of effort to practice and become Buddha, which cannot be obtained by . After the
accumulation of little things, it will be natural to become Buddha. Just with the heart to become Buddha, one cannot become Buddha ... Based on this idea, I had the impulse to create. According to my design, I ordered 6,000 porcelain beads made of white porcelain clay in Jingdezhen. Each
porcelain bead represents an ordinary burden, while the whole surface is coated with yellow glaze, which symbolizes wealth and power. I hope to express the contents carried in each burden, arrange rows of grids with fishing lines, and then string the yellow porcelain beads representing the burden vertically one by one, calling the meaning of laying down the
burden, all burdens are laid down, and every bit of life is completed, thus gradually forming the image of Buddha. This is my understanding and
explanation of the creation process of the artwork. I think the final result of the artwork is of course important, but my little thinking and behavior in the creation process are the valuable wealth I have acquired in the creation process.

Year of Creation: 2016

Materials: Ceramics

Dimensions: 100*100*190

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