Reincarnation 「Excellence Prize」

The work is designed with white soil as the material. The reason why white is chosen is because white is the color of the material itself, and it is also the simplest color. I hope to express my feelings and attitudes towards ceramic materials through the simplest colors. The change of shape occurs in the firing process of ceramics. This is one of the characteristics of ceramics. The deformation of ceramics during firing is different from the change of some shapes made by manual, which is produced by the high temperature of kiln fire. The shaping changes are naturally and cannot be fully predicted. I tried to understand and use this feature to create a work. In the process of creation, I did not attempt to completely control the work; instead, I let it form freely under the kiln fire. Every time there is an unexpected effect after the firing, the uncontrollability and contingency of the material itself becomes an important design language of the work. This is one of the reasons why I really like ceramic materials. The process of exploring the essence of materials during the creative design is also a process to explore and express its own essence. In the overall shape of the work, there is always a part that maintains the original form of the object, and another part of the work gradually changes, and the upward extension develops into a new form of freedom. It is also a kind of demand for breaking through and seeking freedom and change. There are many kinds of variations in the work, such as spiral transformation, circular transformation, and irregular free transformation. I can't evaluate whether it is good or bad for ach change, but every change is a new breakthrough and attempt by my own and the material. The impression of ceramics has always been hard and fragile. I hope that through my work, I can change the stereotype of ceramic materials and find ceramics in another state.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: White porcelain, stoneware

Dimensions: 12*12*28 、15*14*21、16*13*33、13*12*28cm

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