The Thousand and One Nights

The artwork of “The Thousand and One Nights” is a narrative ceramic work that lasts for nearly half a year. Because the process of creating ceramic sculptures daily is slow, an idea of trying to improve the creation speed is produced. Therefore, from October 2018, a creative plan was developed, spending an hour every two days to compose a small manuscript, which can be photographed according to the location. Most of the subjects are mainly characters and plants, and the postures of the characters are mostly comfortable and desirable. At the same time, the photo shows many different scenes, such as studios, tea rooms, restaurants, airplanes, Dazu Grottoes, art galleries, exhibition halls and other interesting places. The work is made of ceramic material, which is directly calcined and the marks produced in the creation process can be left. The plan lasts for half a year. In the process, I found that this creative plan is very story-telling and seems to reveal something...

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Ceramic, solid wood photo frame, photo

Dimensions: 200*5*60

Please rotate the phone to keep portrait