The work is made of Chinese white porcelain, decorated with stainless steel (in the shape of gourd vine and sparrow). It is combined with the ancient poem Chujia written by Du Fu. When we are young, we have a rising heart and want to do something. But when we are old, we need to
ask ourselves, Have we done our duty? Do we have no regrets? The
personal statement of unwilling to do nothing and trying to be useful is the voice of persons of ideals. Sparrow: A sparrow thinks his way to a
peerage. It represents auspiciousness, diligence, freedom, and fortune. Cicada: It climbs to the top and then sings. It tortures in the earth and then ascends to heaven. It represents nobleness. In the aspects of pattern and ornament, the two works lead us to the beautiful life and nature at the same time of expressing the feelings of life.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Ceramics, stainless steel

Dimensions: 53*53*120

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