Gap between waxing and waning

Ceramics provide a special kind of cognition; they can turn hardness into softness, and instantaneous softness into a hard solid. At the same time, ceramics gives a viewing angle, such as shell. The ceramic grouting technology and the flexibility of clay give me the possibility of turning shell, transforming the inner space into an outer space, and the outer space into an inner space. The shell originally meant an inner space with self-perception. But through its closed gap, I turned the inner space and wrapped the outer space. This is not only a transformation of space, but also a kind of self-perception of people, such as in a state of love. People turn the soft, sensitive and vulnerable interior to the loved one, and wrap up all their hardness and roughness. It's a naked process in the world, going round and round, never stopping, like the waxing and waning moon. And all the gaps are never just a boundary, dividing the black and white boundaries. The gap is exactly where the critical state is accommodated, and they are the most abundant. (The three groups of works respectively show the shell turning from the opening and closing points, the shell turning from the most hardest connection points, and the shell turning from the connecting points to the opening and closing points.)

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Ceramics


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