Everything in the World has Laws and Rules

Through molding by throwing, shape of natural curl after slightly exerting external force forms the “ship of life”. Unique mud nature makes them maintain a kind of posture of relaxation and tension complementing each other, and it is difficult to analyze accurately the limit between the front and back, the inside and the outside. In some layer, the biological sense of reproduction is emerging, and internal driving force is possessed. Similarly, the soil itself, which originates from the earth and carries all things, has its unique vitality. As a kind of “ship of life” repeatedly occurring in the subject with symbolic meaning, it constitutes a kind of “order” and magnetic (porcelain) field existing due to imagination in some space, and controllable scope through accurate language form. They attract and repel each other, are connected to each other, or vary evenly or freely. At the same time, the tension, peace, contradiction, tolerance, engulfing, freedom and other propositions hidden in rhythm and rhythm that I felt in the production process are naturally revealed as people’s eyes wander away. Through the reviewing of existing ecological system, the significance of deep thought for co-existence between human being and non-human being in the present era is found.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 400*352cm

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