Blue and White

When I try to speak, I find that my memory is fragmented and my language is broken. Just like courses set up in the school, each hour is unitized into a different curriculum so that we are used to doing continuous things in fragmentary time. Communication with people also gradually develops into a fragmented form due to the convenience of network communication, connection with friends and relatives consists of pieces of information.
Every piece of information is a fragment. Thus I have many fragments. White porcelain with a long history in China also gives me fragments, and I try to combine these fragments. What complements with white porcelain in China is the decoration on the porcelain-blue and white, and blue and white porcelain is the pronoun of Chinese porcelain. The twining lines in the blue and white decoration are really fascinating. Then my fragments gradually have the shape of blue and white. This can be defined as a kind of “blue and white porcelain” in modern sense.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain


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