Autumn heart

«Autumn heart» aims to take the poetic and natural forms I create to a more mysterious direction. Mirrors have always been a source of
imagination in literature, tales and mythology. They are often used as a symbol of truth, or as a gate to other dimensions. Not only do they reflect our own image, but they also project the life that is behind it. The circle of porcelain petals symbolizes life in its infinite. Beyond shapes and
materials, it is the encounter between the piece of art and its environment that interests me. The interaction between art and architecture, art and
nature, art and the people is an important aspect of my work. It therefore made sense to me to merge sculpture and reflection. Whenever possible, I aim to have my work and the places in which it is shown interact, in orderto enhance certain aspects of my creations and reveal the beauty of their environment. Through my sculpture, I wish to offer a new field of sensitive experiences. I want to create a direct and intimate relationship with the public by offering a poetic vision of the world, tickling imagination.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain on coated wood frame



    2012         Master,ESAG Penninghen, Paris 75006,Honors

    2008         Baccalaureate,Lycée Jeanne d'Arc, Paray-le-Monial 71600,Mention Assez Bien

    2012         Formation at ICP International Center of Photography, New York,,


    2018         Ceramic sculptures for Hermès - Shang Xia windows, Paris

    2017         ?1 immeuble, 1 oeuvre? : ceramic sculptures for Vinci Immobilier, Paris

    2017         Collaboration with Yiqing Yin haute couture, Paris

    2016         Creation of ceramic sculptures for the luxury brand Bonpoint, France, England, Qatar, China

    2016         Installation of a monumental ceramic mobile for the Fidess firm, Paris

    2015         Working with the ceramist Jean-Fran?ois Reboul, Burgundy

    2014         Assistant of the paper artist Sabrina Transiskus, Paris


    2019          Révélations Art fair, Grand Palais,Paris, France

    2019         JustLX Art fair with Loo & Lou Gallery, Museu da Carris,Lisbon, Portugal

    2019         Exhibition at Philippe Hurel’s showroom ,Paris, France

    2019         Dans le vif, Galerie Zeuxis,Paris, France

    2018         Céramique, Galerie Zeuxis,Paris, France

    2018         Origine, Galerie NAG ,Paris, France

    2018         Collection, Galerie 27 Concept,Paris, France

    2017         Papier & Céramique, Galerie Baxter ,Paris, France

    2017          Révélations Art fair, Grand Palais,Paris, France

    2016         Céramiques - Louise Frydman, Musée de la Tour du Moulin,Marcigny, France

    2015         Arbor Vitae, Rosebud ,Paris, France

    2015         La Fée des Pétales at l'H?tel de Croisilles, Galerie Zeuxis,Paris, France

    2013         Plein silence, Galerie Baxter ,Paris, France

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