Ultima Thule

Porcelain and clay is to me a matter of traces/marks left and Memory. Any trace/mark is somehow an information that could vanish and wich gets meaning to someone can identifie it...geological and archeologicol approach of ceramic art.

"At the edge of freedom and knowledge about raw materials, Benoit POUPLARD associates the liquid and the solid, shadiness and brightness, heat and coldness, softness and roughness, heavyness and ligthness, the balance and the overhang. This almost irreverent setting of mythical materials, porcelain and celadon glazes, mixed up, prepared, transformed...it's a wonderfull way of overthrowing tradition, to shake up the codes and open new horizons". Loic DUFOUR, OTHER CAPS Gallery

My practice of ceramic art is experimental, born out from an encounter with celadon glazes and porcelain, inspired by mythology and great polar explorations. I draw on my past scientific experience, my sensitivity to ecological issues and my fascination with the different prysical states of water ans its memory. I trie to crystallize the moving material, to freeze the liquid element by means of high firing.
"experimental music is a music we do not know what il will become when it is performed...to compose with four phonographs, it is like building up music with internal combustion engines, wind blowing, heartbeats ans landslides" John CAGE

Following Masamishi Yoshikawa' s footsteps, I have chosen the blue : blue sky, ice blue, this color refers to everything around us, in the field of fugacity, grandeur, the loneliness of Nature offered "in the midst of its infinite clarity" (Yves Klein). Calm, peacefull, distant, almost neutral, the blue refers to dreams of course...perhaps something anesthetic...despite the urgency...game of contradictions and opposites. The physical depth of my blueish celadon glazes becomes a gateway to the immensity of an inner world. Celadon, in its opalescence, sensual and silky reflection, does not reflect light, it feeds on world images and enriches it.

Year of Creation: 2018

Materials: porcelain, modified/prepared porcelains,casting slip, celadon glazes, reduction firing gas kiln 1300°C

Dimensions: 55*20*41


    2000         bachelor of architecture,manchester university,architecture

    1996         DUT biochimistry and geology,University institut of TOURS FRANCE,biochimistry, geology,

    2008         cerasmist sudies,Européen Ceramic Art School E.M.A. CNIFOP FRANCE,ceramic technics


    2003         Independant Artist Mosaist from 2003 to 2007

    2010         independant artist / Ceramist since 2010


    2018          Salon Maison et Objet PARIS,PARIS FRANCE

    2018         Personnal Exhibition le FIL ROUGE Gallery,ROUBAIX FRANCE

    2019         Contemporary ceramic PARIS XI exhibition,PARIS FRANCE

    2016         collective Celadon exhibition with Charles Hair at Le Lavoir ceramic Gallery ,PARIS FRANCE

    2014         Contemporary ceramic CERAMIQUE 14 exhibition,PARIS FRANCE

    2018         Europeen ceramic exhibition TERRALHA,St QUENTIN LA POTERIE FRANCE

    2016         CERAMIC EVENT galerie de l'O ,BRUSSELS BELGIUM


    2018         Regional creation prize Ateliers d'Art de France Maison et objet PARIS,Regional creation prize Ateliers d'Art de France Maison et objet PARIS,PARIS FRANCE


    2018         Adrian ANDERSON collection,FRANCE

    2018         René FARAUS collection,PARIS FRANCE

    2014         Philippe Chambost Collection,FRANCE

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