In my works, I am looking for new forms to express. I do not limit myself to the technique of working with the material. Everything that allows clay or porcelain is applicable in creativity. Pottery, hand sculpting and working with a slip are often combined in my works.
Texture of the material found resonance in the emotional experiences peculiar to man. I use it in my series of sculptures alternate figurative. The material continues the line, and the texture decides the nature of the form.
More often in my work I use chamotte mass, and work with soda glazes. This allows me to achieve the maximum effect of non-participation in the completed art object. Unstable color solutions give the opportunity to work on their own, relying on chance. This opens up new solutions in a natural way.
Porcelain for me is a special material with high demands on itself. Working with porcelain determines highest degree of my concentration. It is always a competition with yourself. Porcelain dictates its own terms. And agreeing with him is always an hard task. But he always thanks for the effort.
Ceramics has long been my guide to life. I communicate with the outside world in this language.

Year of Creation: 2019

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: 33*33*40


    2002         Bachelor,Kyiv Industrial Technical University,ceramics artist


    2000         Reconstruction of ceramic rosettes of the “Assumption Cathedral” of the “Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra”. Kyiv, Ukraine.

    2002         Laboratory of Ceramics in Kyiv Industrial Technical University.

    2003         Working in a private ceramic workshop.

    2009         till now - work in own studio.


    2019         “NUOVA PRIMAVERA”,Roma, Italy.

    2018         International Juried Ceramics Exhibition "EARTH Identity Place Material". ,Grottaglie, Italy.

    2017         International Juried Ceramics Exhibition "ACQUA ".,Grottaglie, Italy.

    2015         Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition “Ceramic world of the Silk Road” in the Imperial Ancestral Temple of the Forbidden City. ,Beijing, China.


    2002         national competition "New Names of Ukraine". ,national competition "New Names of Ukraine". ,Kyiv, Ukraine.


    2017         Museo della Ceramica di Grottaglie …,Grottaglie, Italy.

    2016         pavilion of “Ukrainian Modern Ceramics” in “Fuping Pottery Art Village”. ,Fuping, China.

    2015         “Macsabal Museum”. ,Samne, South Korea.

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