Value Criterion

By its nature, the material of clay implicitly carries potential to be shaped into any form, but it has material resistance. The clay seems to serve as the means for variable expression according to human will or volition, but it can also lead to unexpected results. This can be regarded as the ‘indeterminacy’ of clay. The visualization of the clay’s implicit indeterminacy or uncertainty (the conceptual domain) signifies that the physical properties of the clay substitute for the unstable element called 'I'.

Actually, what is revealed is not restricted simply to the limitations or determinacy of the common material of clay. Just as ‘determinacy’ (or ‘certainty’) generates an effect when fastened onto a situation, chance textures showing gaps and cracks exist as a record. At first glance, the messages connoted by cracks, in particular, are aligned with anxiety, but can also be used like symbols of a real language. In that sense, clay is an appropriate choice. Clay can have integrality, yet also allows any number of cracks.

Year of Creation: 2017

Materials: porcelain

Dimensions: 60*50*15cm

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